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These are questions asked by Ronan

Having read the above I decided to try it on a substitution problem I had last year on a set of equations. Work sheet containe an example. I successifuly applied algsubs to the problem. It can be slow and their is no easy way I see to know when the substitution is complete. so what I did go round the loop 2, 3, 4, 5 times. Crude!

Decided to try "side relations" with simplify here but it comes out with a totally different answer (not correct).

Could somebody explain why?

I want to animate the display of a polygon. It's the platform of a stewart gough rig. Have 200 poses stored as Platformi i i=2..200. the Base is static( obiviously). Haven't been able to figure out how to get    animate(display .....) to work. The work sheet just contains copy/pasted commands. The time period for the animated display is about 10 seconds but real time is not that important. How do I get this to work?

I have Zipped 2 equations together to equate their equivalent Coefficients.  I now need to assign solve the list fot each value of N (1...9) How do I get Maple to do this reliably for the list as N 1..9 does not necessarily occour in sequence.

What I have done is stores algsubs names and expressions in a dual column matrix for later use. Now I need to assign them to each other. matrix is called store

column 1     column2

    a1             4.28x+2.3

    CX3          6.5x^2 +3x

    S1    ...

I need to test a list of numbers to find if any of them are complex. if a complex is found then remove that complete row from the list. the potential complex numbers in my list are a, b and c. b is complex i.e has a non zero imaginery part in row 1 so only row 1 should get deleted. the a b and c were originally generated from the arcsin function. Would appreciate help on this. I know it should be simple enough to do. Thanks in advance.

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