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These are questions asked by Ronan

I have a rather large multivatiate polynomial "Dtest"  I need to divie it by a cubic poly "DGm" using rem and quo. Both are determinants multiplied out,  both given below. Have spent the past 2 nights trying to sort, collect, expand, equate coefficients plex groebner etc. Am trying to collect up all the powers of c3 but cant anything to work. even expand doesn't fully expand "Dtest". If I set c1 and c2 to 1 things are...

Can you divide 2 polynomials with Real coeffs.   eg 1.87x3-2x2+5.789x- 3,2 by    1.5 x2+2x-1.4 to get the quotient and remainder? If so how?

I have these as outputs from comparing the coefficients. How do i assign the g2xyz totheir associated numbers.

eg at present g2000 is g2000. I need it to be 1.2e7. And so on down the list.

I have a 6 x 6 matrix. I want to employ Cramer's rule to solve Gx=Θ. I need to sequently substitute column Vector Θ into the matrix columns. I can't get this to work. I have only being using Maple for a couple of weeks so still finding my way.

I have a set of multi variate polynomial  equations. I need to setup a matrix [G][x]=[Θ]  Θ is a function of c1 and c2 up to 4th order terms

 My problem x=[c15, c14c2 , c13c22 , c12c23 , c1c24 , c25 ] these 6 5th order terms...

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