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Looking at the new application site. I am not a fan of the whole tile turning bule when mousing over it. That is quite distracting and hides what it is. The tiles could be made smaller so more are visible too.


OK. Use the green up arrow button and post a copy of your work sheet. Then people can see what you are doing.

@acer  Ahh,  I wasn't at my pc when I posted the answer. My mistake.

@Anthrazit  did you try this op(1,b)<op(1,a) or is( op(1,b)<op(1,a)). That works for me in Maple2021.1 using the Units-Standard package. Yes it's probable a bug.

@Anthrazit This gives a True answer.  This post should really be converted to a question.

if is(op(1, b) < op(1, a)) then
end if

I purposely kept in "is" because it forces evaluation.

if 1 < sqrt(2) then
end if;
Error, cannot determine if this expression is true or false: 1 < 2^(1/2)
if is(1 < sqrt(2)) then
end if;

You can see the problem  by looking at op(A), it has two parts when A is non  zero i.e. value,unit but only one part when A is zero i.e. value.

Try if is(a<b) then "True" else ""False" end if

@acer  Just out of interest. Are there other situations outside of trig. where solve misses solutions? I mean towards relatively simple type equations like what is presented above. I realise that might be hard to define.

@acer  Thank you. Nice to read the history and orign of such things.

@tomleslie Am using this version. Thank you.

@vv     @tomleslie explained the cause of my problem well in the first reply. I have since converted the formula.

@tomleslie  Thank you. I understand now. Had never read the details on || or cat. Also checking over replies to my series of questions this year some of the answers have become clearer. The m's formula is extendible. So I just could build it around the size of the list L which I would probably call M. So for example  (1 + m2 + 2*m3 + 3*m4 + 4*m5 + 5*m6 + 6*m7)!  would become (1+add(i * M[i], i=1..nops(M)))! , assuming my typing is correct here.

@acer I should have taken more care. Basicially I was looking for 

 5*c^3+ 21*c^2*d + 28*c*d^2 + 12*d^3 

as the 3rd degree form. I was able to get things working properly overall. 

I have combined you answer with  the answer to a previous question I asked 


@acer Yes all the table entries are copy and pasted from other equations. I was trying to make the document look similar to 

what was being done in Scientific Workplace. Basicially I am formatting the documents to print them as I find it easier to flick through printed pages than  open half a dozen Maple documents or videos to find something.

A link to one of the videos. It about developing a power series type solution to polynomials. Solving Polynomial Equations 2: The Quadratic case | Exploring Research Level Maths | Wild Egg Maths | N J Wildberger on Patreon

You might find it interesting.

@acer All the answers on this are very helpful. II missed that part of the help. I use the the help pages as I like to have something to show when I ask a question. Sometimes rushing I mass important details as  in "%".

@acer Thank you. That works well. But I dont understand the syntax. I didnt realise % made operations inert.  I haven't seen that in the help or at least I have found that.

InertForm:-Display~(M,inert=false):  I tried it with inert=true that made no difference and I left out inert altogether and that made no difference either. What am I missing here?

It would be nice to know how to get to display 2! 2!.  I couldn't get  `%*` to work.   


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