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How to solve the system of partial differential equations in Maple.  I have attached a pdf file, please check it. Kindly help me.

Thank you

[Edit: I've also atached the OP's worksheet below.--Carl Love]

How to solve the Linear first-order partial differential equation by the Lagrange method. Suppose u and v are dependent variables and x,y,z are independent variables of a partial differential equation of the form:

dx/f(x,y,z)=dy/g(x,y,z)=dz/h(x,y,z)=du/k(x,y,z)=dv/s(x,y,z). I need its solution in the form of u and v . How to find it ?

I am trying to find Lie subalgebra for finding optimal solutions directly with the help of MAPLE.  Please help me to find it. Share MAPLE code please.

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