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Please help to find the exact solution of any ODE by the >sinh or cosh method. I have attached arbitrary ODE here:



How to find the power series solution of a nonlinear 4th order ordinary differential equation.


where U' denotes the differential w.r.t  z and a,k,c are constants. Please help to find. 

sys := -diff(g(x), x)*e^(c*x)*c/(3*t) + f(x) = 0, t*(c*e^(2*c*x)*diff(g(x), x) + t*e^(c*x)*(2*c^2 + 3*f(x) - 1))*diff(f(x), x) + 6*c^2*(diff(f(x), x, x)*t*e^(2*c*x) + diff(f(x), x, x, x)*e^(3*c*x)/3) = 0. I have attached worksheet. Please solve this system,of ODE.

How to solve Linear first-order PDE by the Lagrange method?

dx/(x) =dy/0=dt/0=du/3=dv/v=dw/w, where x,y,t are independent variables and u,v,w are dependent variables.

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