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I am facing "Error, too many levels of recursion" in loops. kindly guide me. Thanks




restart; printlevel := 3

restart; with(LinearAlgebra); with(linalg); with(CodeGeneration); with(plots); Digits := 30; `ε` := 0.1e-1; k := .5; m := 1; c := 1; q := 1

L[time] := 1:








ICff := 1.0*exp(-p^2/(2.0))*(1.0+epsilon*cos(1.0*k*x))/sqrt(2.0*Pi):

for i from 0 while i <= N[x] do for j from 0 while j <= N[p] do f[0, i, j] := eval(ICff, [x = i*`&Delta;x`, p = j*`&Delta;p`]) end do end do:

for n from 0 while n <= T do for j from 0 while j <= N[p] do f[n, 0, j] := 0; f[n, N[x], j] := 0 end do end do:

for n from 0 while n <= T do for i from 0 while i <= N[x] do f[n, i, 0] := 0; f[n, i, N[p]] := 0 end do end do:


for n1 from 0 while n1 <= T-1 do for i1 while i1 <= N[x] do for j1 while j1 <= N[p] do f[n1+1, i1, j1] := f[n1, i1, j1]-`&Delta;t`*j1*`&Delta;p`*(f[n1+1, i1+1, j1]-f[n1+1, i1-1, j1]+f[n1, i1+1, j1]-f[n1, i1-1, j1])/((4*`&Delta;x`)*(1.0)) end do end do end do

Error, too many levels of recursion



Hello everyone;

There is itterative scheme and i have written a code. I want to know time and bytes used in each itteration. I have used the command "Usage" and code is showning results which are not right i thin becasue momery used should increase with itterations i.e., computaion is increasing so. CPU time is alos a issue here in my code.

Note: Code is also uploaded.

Thanks in advance. 

Hello Everyone

I am working on an itteraative scheme. Durring this i am solving system of algebric equation using fsolve command. In the first itteration all is ok but in second itteration it also produce some extra thing which create problems. Anybode can see this please. I am much worried about it. Thanks i advance.

Hello Everyone
My maple is evaluating the following provided in figure. I have  attached MAPLE file. Kindly help me to solve this. Thanks in advance.


Hello Everyone;
I need to generate muplipal .dat files using loop with different names as shown as figure. Can any body hel me? I am waiting for your kind respinse. Thanks in advance