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That's a beautiful method of solution .... such a simple and creative approach.

Again - thanks for this. 



Now, that's impressive! I'll take this into consideration.

Thank's for the guidance and quick response.


 I appreciate this. Nice code.

This works nicely when p=0.5.

However, when p is adjusted to p=0.05, the processing time remains excessive. I ran this for 10 minutes and decided to stop the computation. 



Thanks. I hope you can access the code here.

I'll try the 'numeric' option.


Thank you! That did the trick!


First off, thanks for your work and response. Much appreciated. I didn't consider the adjacency matrix approach. In this case, I have 14 nodes / vertices and 16 arcs / edges; the circuit commences from node 1. 

I think that, between your solution and that of mmcdara, I'll have a better insight into the treatment of such problems ..... all good fun!

Thanks again ...


Thanks for this - much appreciated. 

I am considering case 2 so I think this should do the trick!


Thanks for the suggestion - most interesting.

Actually, I initially required a surface approximation; the interpolation is interesting ... I never considered that option but will certainly look into this option.


Thanks again ...

@Carl Love 

This is appreciated .... many thanks, Carl.


Thanks for this ....  this input and guidance is much appreciated.

When I get this resolved, I'll post my results.




Thanks for this.

@Rouben Rostamian

It appears that importing the source data from Excel requires a conversion to vector. 

Using the Assistant to import the source file, I used the routine ..


> convert (Import("c:\\ ....etc), Vector)


> convert (Import("c:\\ ...etc), Matrix)

and that did the job!


Thanks again.


@Rouben Rostamian  


Thanks for the reply.

Yes ... this should output a finite sum of terms. In this case, the sum is within square brackets and so, is a list ... therein lies the problem.

Now, I have imported the source data tables from Excel, so I'm wondering if the problem lies there. The matrices appear to be ok ...

I'll battle on!



@Markiyan Hirnyk 

To be clear ...

vv originally provided the solution .... and it works.

Since then, I have tested it in several applications to my great satisfaction.


@Markiyan Hirnyk 



Here's the table in question.

Thanks for pursuing this!



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