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That does the trick! Very nice method.

Thanks a lot.


I'm much obliged for your quick response and the advice ... this is very useful to me, so thank you  very much.

Notice the contourplot for z at the end.

Do you know if it is possible to obtain a 2D contourplot like this to show the y-contours in the x-z plane?

Thanks again!

@Carl Love 

Yes .... that's a good idea. 

I find this procedure works well and is very useful.

Again - my thanks to you.


@Carl Love 

This is very useful ... and very efficient, so thanks again for your creativity.


@Carl Love 

I appreciate the quick response.

Using the procedure, AssignToClusters(U), I can see how many points are associated to each cluster but I still cannot obtain their coordinates. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong? 

Thank you.

@mehdi jafari 

Thank you ... that's a nice formulation.

I appreciate the help.


Yes - that did the trick!

Thanks for your help. I appreciate it.


Thank you for the timely help. I appreciate it.

Do you know of any way to change one of the functions to display as an animated column chart?


Yes - the example is indeed trivial (deliberately).

Sorry for the confusion - you have certainly addressed my query, so many thanks for these methods.




This is a great addition to my arsenal! Thanks for sharing.


Thanks so much ... that did the trick!


Thanks for your kind efforts in getting me sorted. I love that approach. Now I can go to work!


Thank you - I tried looking this up to no avail.



Many thanks for this. Really interesting solution.

When I run this workbook on my machine (Maple 2018), I get an error message: Reserved word 'local' unexpected.

Perhaps this is related to different versions used?



Thanks so much ... a really nice routine ... the use of the sequence function is elegant.

Can you also suggest an approach to obtain the midpoint / centroid of each internal grid? 


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