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A nice alternative to the mmcdara solution ... much appreciated. Thanks for broadening my knowledge on this matter.


This is truly impressive ... I would never have figured this out! 

Your solution and response time to this request is very much appreciated, so thanks once again for the dig-out.


This is an approach I never thought of ... it's great to get this and the visual output is welcomed.

Many thanks for this. 


I did not realise the nature of my question was connected to this subject.

These insights are intriguing and I'll certainly research this subject further. Thank you for shining a light on this ... I appreciate your guidance .. it's very generous.


This is a nice routine and I thank you for sharing this solution - especially as a quick response.

Looking at your structure, do you think that it is possible to adapt this routine for the general case of n points so that it avoids the need to input all coordinates in the distance formula p[1], p[2], ..., p[n]?

I'm obliged!


Thanks very much for this.

I can now start to explore this subject in greater depth.


I appreciate your spline model and solutions - these are indeed, quite useful.

Basically, I sought an approximation to this repeatable pattern (point 13 being the same as point 1, and so on), however, I can certainly make use of this approach to expand the work.

Thanks again!


Thank you for this - I'm obliged.

I wouldn't have considered this approach - it seems to provide a good fit. I will use this procedure and trial various scenarios.



This response is truly comprehensive - and covers all my requirements ... and then some!

Many thanks for this - I'm obliged.

@Carl Love 

Thanks for this, Carl - I like this approach.

Re-thinking this, I seek a contour plot;  curves that represents the relationship between x and z for different k-values. I do like your 3d solution, so I will certainly make good use of this.


Despite being content with the assistance so far,  did try dialling values to reduce the jagged edges - with no luck.

Thanks for this.

This makes a great difference to the visuals.


That's also very convenient.

Thank you!


That does the trick! Very nice method.

Thanks a lot.


I'm much obliged for your quick response and the advice ... this is very useful to me, so thank you  very much.

Notice the contourplot for z at the end.

Do you know if it is possible to obtain a 2D contourplot like this to show the y-contours in the x-z plane?

Thanks again!

@Carl Love 

Yes .... that's a good idea. 

I find this procedure works well and is very useful.

Again - my thanks to you.


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