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Good day.

I am interested in forecasting using the (trend-adjusted) exponential smoothing process and I have found Maple's Time Series Analysis function helpful.

However, can anyone tell me how to extract the values of the smoothing factors, alpha and beta, used in the computations? 

Please see the attached example using 8 data points; the forecast value for the 9th period is computed by Maple.

Thanks for reading!


Good day to all.

I have a data set consisting of 12 points in the x-y plane. These points form a periodic pattern and I was wondering if it is possible to obtain a curve that is a best-fit for these points. I have reason to expect that this pattern will repeat for successive points (i.e. points 13, 14, ..., 30).

Does anyone know of a way to obtain a function that can represent this behavior?

Thanks for reading!



Good day.

I have a simple function that I would like to plot, but am finding this awkward to do. My objective is to plot the function for varying k-values and I tried doing this using implicitplot and sequencing values of k.

The function in question is:
y := k*x*sqrt(z*(1-z));

The constant, k, takes the values: 5, 10, 15, ..., 100
The variables lie in the range: 0 ≤ x < 1 and 0 ≤ z < 1

So, if someone can tell me how to construct a plot of multiple solution curves for varying k, I would be most grateful.

Thanks for reading!



Good day to all.

I have a function, z(x,y), that I am interested in exploring. The contour plot returns the z-contours on the x-y grid (see attached).

Can anyone suggest a way in which I can now assign z to the vertical axis (instead of y), x to the horizontal axis, and plot the contours for various y-values?


Thanks in advance.


Good day.

Reading through the Fuzzy C-Means routine (attached) written by the one-and-only Carl Love, I was wondering if anybody can tell me how to specify which points in the data belong most strongly to the assigned cluster. 

In the attached routine, there are 2 cases considered; two and three clusters. 

It would be interesting to obtain a list of all points that are assigned to each respective cluster.

Thanks for reading!


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