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Good day.

Reading through the Fuzzy C-Means routine (attached) written by the one-and-only Carl Love, I was wondering if anybody can tell me how to specify which points in the data belong most strongly to the assigned cluster. 

In the attached routine, there are 2 cases considered; two and three clusters. 

It would be interesting to obtain a list of all points that are assigned to each respective cluster.

Thanks for reading!


This question is used for general demonstration purposes only. I wish to animate a periodic function whose amplitude is growing and I'd like to trace the growth over time.

Can anyone suggest a simple function that can provide this requirement? The example given here is the basic sine curve of fixed amplitude and wavelength.

Thanks for reading.


Good day to you all.

I would like to construct a plot of several data sources and would like to understand how I can animate each event.

For instance - consider a plot of 2 data sets (a simple example is in the attached worksheet), one as a point and another as a column. What is the most efficient way to construct this? Following that, how can both data sets be animated in synch?

Thanks for reading!


For convenience, I am looking to extract a sequence of numbers that is generated by a simple procedure.

The attached shows such an example.

In this (simple) case, the output I require is [1,4,9,16,25].

Can anyone suggest a way to do this?

Thank you all ...


I would like to extract the x and y values from a list containing ordered pairs, [x,y], and display as a list.

For example, given 

  A:= [ [4,2], [9,1], [6,8] ] 

how can I obtain 

 X:=[4,9,6] and Y:=[2,1,8] 

using a simple command?

Thank you!

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