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These are questions asked by Teep

A minor question .... 

Does anybody know how to format a matrix so all elements are presented in whole numbers? 

It's more a niggle than anything .. I want to retain decimals in my worksheet but wish only to have the matrix display integer values.

Thank you!


Suppose we have a number of points, n, in the x-y plane and the location of each point is known.

I wish to evaluate the straight-line distance from point to point and tabulate these values (i.e. A to B, A to C, A to D, B to C, B to D, etc) and then plot the points in question.

In this attached worksheet, I have given an example of 4 points and I would welcome all suggestions on how to do this. 

Thanks for reading.


This is a general question concerning the numerical method(s) used in fsolve.

How can I know what algorithm / method (secant, Newton, etc.) is used when the  fsolve routine is called?


Thank you!



I have two data sets (time series) that appear to have similar profiles and am looking to find a way to establish a correlation measure. The linear (Pearson) coefficient is around 0.89, but since this particular function is nonlinear, can anyone suggest a method or routine that can be used to obtain this correlation?

Thank you!



This is a question out of curiosity only ...

I can easily import a matrix from an Excel spreadsheet / source. Maple then displays matrix dimensions, data type, storage and order ... which is fine. Now - suppose I wished to import the standard matrix in question, with all entries displayed - can this be done?


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