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These are questions asked by Teep


Suppose we have a number of points, n, in the x-y plane and the location of each point is known.

I wish to evaluate the straight-line distance from point to point and tabulate these values (i.e. A to B, A to C, A to D, B to C, B to D, etc) and then plot the points in question.

In this attached worksheet, I have given an example of 4 points and I would welcome all suggestions on how to do this. 

Thanks for reading.


This is a general question concerning the numerical method(s) used in fsolve.

How can I know what algorithm / method (secant, Newton, etc.) is used when the  fsolve routine is called?


Thank you!



I have two data sets (time series) that appear to have similar profiles and am looking to find a way to establish a correlation measure. The linear (Pearson) coefficient is around 0.89, but since this particular function is nonlinear, can anyone suggest a method or routine that can be used to obtain this correlation?

Thank you!



This is a question out of curiosity only ...

I can easily import a matrix from an Excel spreadsheet / source. Maple then displays matrix dimensions, data type, storage and order ... which is fine. Now - suppose I wished to import the standard matrix in question, with all entries displayed - can this be done?


Good day!

I wish to represent the flow across a network from a set of sources to a number of destinations or sinks.

In the simple example attached, there are 4 sources and 10 possible sinks. The flow from source to sink is given by the matrix, A, and each element is a binary entry; 1 for active and 0, otherwise. I would like to assign labels to each source (A,B,C,D) and sink (1,2,3,..., 9,10) and this feature will be most convenient for large matrices.The idea is to have these labels shown on the directed graph so that it is easy to see the flow configurations at a glance.

Does anyone know how this can be done?

Thanks in advance.


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