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Start Maple and select menu Help/About Maple. If the Build ID is 1435526 then you are up to date and you should contact Maple Support at 


Regarding context panel, it may be that you have to load certain packages to make some choices appear. What do you miss?


No I can't clarify, I may just have been wrong or misunderstood.


Maple TA is less well known here in this particular forum, most of us are die hard Maple experts only. This product is maintained by the Maplesoft spin-off company DigitalEd and has been re-branded as Möbius Assessment. You should try the related community forum:



Here the list of related topics posted by Darin Ohashi (unfortunately your links do not work for me)

@Carl Love you are right, your example is more fleshed out. I just wanted to show that making an operation inert with % often is a good interactive way to keep the intended formatting. Other example: 1/x*exp(x) and `%*`(1/x,exp(x)). This method is easy to remember also for occasional users.

You really need to post you Maple command for someone to help you. Or just upload your worksheet by pressing the green arrow in the response field.

can you post your equation and code, no one can help you just from the pictures


Maple does not need to be connected to internet. During acivation, Maple looks for a device adress called hostid, usually the ethernet dapter, and binds the license to this device as verification. If this address belongs to something not local to your computer during activation, you will get the error. Get in touch with tech support.



Do you have an example?

can you describe the shape mathematically?

@Adam Ledger 


I guess he is looking for this:





very useful. I would keep the name Phasors, this is what people would look for. Any chance to program it into core Maple?


Hi, where can I download this Phasor package?




interestingly, I notice the difference when entering 2.59/3.7 separately in worksheet and document mode. I have Maple 2017.3 Windows64bit


in addition, under tools/options/interface there is an option to change the behaviour of the underscore entry from inserting a literal underscore to a non-atomic subscript

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