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Thanks Robert Israel, you are the mapleprimes god :D
use the evalf() function to approximate numerically its argument sin(Pi/3) = 3^(1/2) / 2 evalf(sin(Pi/3)) = .866..

As usual you guys solve my problems almost instantly :) thanks alot guys

Yes! it finally works. I will post some pictures for you guys later of what I am doing once I get the equations working :). Thanks alot guys

I should mention im using maple 7, maybe i should upgrade lol

Sorry to be needy, i just dont really understand your code well enough to make changes to it. I have set values for max and min in your code and typed it into maple:

> M := ImportMatrix("D:/Programs/TidalDP/ohmax.txt", delimiter=",");

                         [ 2000 x 4 Matrix      ]
                    M := [ Data Type: anything  ]
                         [ Storage: rectangular ]
                         [ Order: Fortran_order ]

> with(plots):
>    n := LinearAlgebra[RowDimension](M);
>    r := (1)(seq(M[i,2],i=1..n))/10;
>    display([seq](arrow([M[i,2],M[i,3]],
>          evalf([1, M[i,4]]*r/sqrt(1+M[i,4]^2)),
>        color=colors[M[i,1]], shape=arrow),
>       i=1..n));

                              n := 2000

                              r := 1/10

Error, (in plot/color) invalid color specification



Hey guys, thanks for your osts.

Robert Israel, I tried the code that you gave me and got the following error:

Error, (in ImportMatrix) argument 'source = csv' invalid: rhs should be of type {identical(Matlab), identical(MatrixMarket), identical(delimited)}

I have also decided that instead of the Z dimention, I want to just capture that z information in the form of a direction vector at each 2d point sort of like a slope feild, any ideas on how I might do this? (i still want the vectors to be coloured based on the DE i used).


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