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Professor of Economics SUNY Stony Brook I use Maple for Research: To test theoretical modelling ideas with various kinds of general equilibrium deterministic and stochastic models in Macroeconomics and Urban Economics. Graduate classes: In Macroeconomics and Econometric classes. Undergraduate classes: In Urban Economics and Computational Methods classes. Note: You can communicate with me in German and French as well as English.

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The search operation on both questions and posts doesn't work. I get the same set of results for both, and the same results regardless of the search term.

When I login and then create a question or post and click submit (or preview), I get a new request to login, and, after I do that login, the originally entered message body has been erased.

I have a previous post on this, but the discussion completely missed the situation I was presenting.

The big problem is: The (vertical) writing cursor often does not move on the visible worksheet when a new location is clicked with the mouse or the arrow keys are used, and moving with the arrow keys often leaves a trail of writing cursors along the line between exisiting symbols. Luckily, Maple internally seems to know the correct (intended) location of the...

The list of the GUI problems is long, so I'll just summarize some of them.

In text groups, when the writing cursor is moved, the cursor is often not visible at the new position (where it actuall knows it is at), but often remains visible in a trail of places where it previously was.

In Help, the first letter of the search word is usually missing so that it is necessary to start with a space. Also in Help, both the scroll bar and the actual search...

I suspect this phenomenon is related to my topic on hanging with right click on selected text, but it is more general.

I have an execution group (in a standard worksheet in worksheet mode with 2D input) with about 65 lines (when comment lines are included) and 30 lines (when comment lines are removed) . It was taking a very long time to compute after each time I changed anything in the group, but computed very quickly thereafter if I changed nothing. After some experimenting, I discovered the following phenomenon.

For one (and only one) execution group (on a worksheet with many execution groups, both before and afterwards) which was modified by a student but which looks perfectly fine, a right click on any selected text causes Maple to hang (before any context menu appears). When I look at the mserver.exe process on Task Manager, it continues to use 99% of the CPU and keeps increasing its memory use.

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