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Hello everyone! 

I have a naive question... 
I'm traying to construct an array such entries are derivatives of a particular function. In my original problem, the elements of the array are numerous, so build it manual is not an option... A simplification of my task is :


So, as you can see, for some reason Maple doen't chanche the index "i" in my derivative while the cycle is runnin. So all i want to do  is construct an array of the form 

using a cycle. 

Thanks for yout help! 


I want to generate a table in maple, but with generic content. For example, in Mathematica you can do this using 


and this generates a table with 2 columns and 10 rows with zeros in all its elements. I want to do this exactly but in maple. 

Thanks for your time! 

Hi guys! 

I have a PDE system. The mayority of the equations are equal to zero, but two of them are:


where a, b, c, d are CONSTANT parameters. I know that if a=b=d=c=1 the system is inconsistent. But I also know that if a=-1, b=d=0 and c=1 the system is consistent and exist the solution. I wanna know if there's a way to ask maple to find another selections of my parameter that make my PDE consistent and what it's the solution for that selection of a,b,c,d. 

Here's my PDE system (sys2). 


thank you so much for your time! 


I have a PDE system. When I use pdsolve it gets me the messege " pdsolve->Warning: System is inconsistent". Is there a way I can see which equations breaks the system down? 
For this system, it's difficult to see from ayeball where the problem is. 
Thank you! 


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