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question.mwWhen I sloving an exercise in my textbook using maple,I had a difficult.

First,I write the differential equation, deq:=[...];then using command,sys1:=DiffEquation(...);I want to get the system transfer function,so I use command tf:=TransferFunction(sys1),but it returns an error[Error, (in DynamicSystems:-TransferFunction) cannot handle input with frequency variable, s].

Then,since TransferFunction...

I worked a problem in my textbook using maple.I define two differential equations sys1:=[dy/dt=...,dx/dt=...] and its linearize point lin_point:=[...],then using linearize command,I obtained a state space description of the system.Now,I want to using state space description to get transfer function of the system,how can I do it directly without retype the state matrices a,b,c,and d manually?  

Thank you!

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