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Hi, I have a function as following:


where d1=0.01..0.06, d2>=d1, d3>=d2, d4>=d3, a1>0,a2>0, a1+a2<0.6.

I want to get  all the solutions of d1,d2,d3,d4,a1,a2, which satify the equation and the constrains, is there any way to solve this problem by using maple?




Hi, I solved some equations those days and get a group of data, namely, Data1. Then I want to get the function of the data, so I use the CurveFitting package of maple, and get the function easily (the function seems as a*x^3+b*x^2+c*x+d). But the function is not the one I really wanted, because it is hard to generate the complex curve (even the function is known) in some software. 

As I know, it is easily to generate some arcs in the software, so is there any way to fit a group of data with some piecewise of arcs?

 Best regards.

Data1:= [[.690499054221957, .109364306247567], [.679584570047867, 0.955093827253927e-1], [.668476295825779, 0.820785684569687e-1], [.657171143364362, 0.690714704619819e-1], [.645665768347822, 0.564884351571898e-1], [.633956566493958, 0.443305616055764e-1], [.622039668654294, 0.325997176601303e-1], [.609910934797136, 0.212985591645471e-1], [.597565946804089, 0.104305524003572e-1], [.585, 0], [.572208093323944, -0.998792942142104e-2], [.559184918035503, -0.195271676259796e-1], [.545924844835652, -0.286107087732754e-1], [.532421909264435, -0.372305667237386e-1], [.518669795218710, -0.453777271949494e-1], [.504661816411590, -0.530420942817277e-1], [.490390895570740, -0.602124307834357e-1], [.475849541144774, -0.668762917052363e-1], [.461029821255068, -0.730199502124052e-1]]

Hi, when I use maple to calculate some complex equations, there maybe a bug in 2d-math, and the problem is surprising.

As the following illustrated, f4 is a large equation, and r4, a short one. If I put the mouse pointer at  f4 and press the "enter" key, then maple excute f4 rightly and the mouse pointer go to p16 directly.(It seem that r4 has been skipped), then I press "enter" key when the mouse pointer locates at p16, an error occured. It is clearly that maple dose not run r4.

The code seems like:







After some test, I find that a short equation will be skipped by maple if the short equation is followed after a big equation. So it is need concerning that the user use 2d-math in maple, especially the equations are complex and large.

P.S. Can anyone tell me how to upload a picture if the picture has not a url?

Hi, dear mapleprimes. These days I'm preparing my thesis. I use maple to generate some figures, and save them as .jpg. These figures are very clear when I insert them into a word document (my thesis). But after I print the document, the figures looks unclear. It seems that they are cuted from other papers, but actually they are not.

I think it is important to print clear figures, I want the figures can be printed clearly...


I don't know why I can not login maplesoft and mapleprimes again. Everytime I login the website, and, an information returned, as the picuture illustrated.

The only way I may login the website is click on the links in my E-mail box. These links are the questions feedback. It seems that if I login the homepage, then...

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