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I use 'SystemConnect' command to connect two transfer function, as the following codes illustrated.

sys1 := TransferFunction(10/(s*(s+10)));
sys2 := TransferFunction(k*s^2/(s+20));
Warning, improper transfer-function, degree(num) > degree(den)
sys3 := SystemConnect(sys1, sys2, connection = negativefeedback, outputtype = tf);
Error, (in unknown) cannot convert improper transfer function to state-space model

This is an exercise in my text book. The question is to plot the root locus of a system. The open-loop transfer function of the system is G(s).

I use maple command 'rootlocus()' to plot the root locus, but the result is not correct apparently. This make me very puzzling, now that maple use fsolve command to compute the roots as the help document...


These days I thought a question:how to creat a variable delay?

As illustrated in Fig.1, if delay time T is constant, then the output is y(t)=u(t-T), so we can use a block named "Pade Delay" in maplesim to achieve our purpose.As shown in Fig.3.

If delay time is variable,namely,T(t), then the output is y(t...



I use maplesim to simulate a very simple circuit, and want to obtain voltage of a resistor, so I check the voltage of  Probe block, but get nothing. I upload my document.

I'm a beginner in maplesim, can you give me some advices?


I use the following commands to generate some complex numbers:

equ := 2+(s+1)*exp(tau*s) = 0;

a := [0, .8, 2*Pi/(3*sqrt(3)), 4*Pi/(3*sqrt(3))];

for i to nops(a) do

   evalf(solve(subs(tau = a[i], equ), s));

end do

then maple output four complex numbers. I want to get a list which contains the four output complex numbers,how can I do that without retyping the output numbers manually?

By the...

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