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I have two transfer functions,tf1,tf2, which describing two linear systems respectively.


Sometimes, the transfer function is very complex which contains so many symbols, and retyping them manually is very time consuming.

Now, I want to connect them in series,namely,tf3:=tf1*tf2, of course, I can extract them respectively,that is,

a:=tf1:-tf[1,1],b=tf2:-tf[1,1],then multiply a and b,c:=a*b,and...

question1.3.mwI define a system differential equation, deq:=[equ1,equ2], and specifed input variable and output variable, then use command sys:=DiffEquation(deq,[A[ss]],T[m]).

Note that output variable T[m] is a delay function, T[m]=T[w](t-t[d]), where T[m] contained in equ2, and deq do not contains T[m].

When I add the delay condition T[m]=T[w](t-t[d]) to deq, and run the commands, then maple ruturns an warning:

example.3.mwsometimes, the system differential equations contain many parameters, such as K[t],K[a],L[a],R[a],etc.

Now, we input these differential equations to maple,namely,deq:=[...,...,...,...], of course, this input procedure consume much time.

Using sys:=DiffEquation(deq,[inputvariables],[outputvariables]) and tf:=TransferFunction(sys) yield the system transfer function.

Come under analysis, I find that a parameter, L[a...

QuetionLinearize.mwWhen I use 'Linearize' command to linearize a equation, linm:=Linearize(...), it returns a state space or, a differential equation.

Then I want to extract the matrices of the state space, I type linm[a], but failed.

Is there any way to extract the matrices a,b,c, and d from the output? Note that this problem is different from the one which had been submitted.

example.7.mwI have a question for a long time.

For some dynamic systems, I want to extract the matrices or the transfer functions which maple had yielded as a table. The table contains matrices or transfer function.

I want to extract them for other purposes, for example,using transfer function to plot its step response.

Now, is there any way to do this without retyping them manually? Becouse...

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