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When I learning "Maple introductory programming guide", there is a little procedure attracting me:


NewName := proc ()

    global N;

    N := N+1;

    while assigned(cat(C, N)) do

        N := N+1;

    end do;

    cat(C, N);

end proc



I have a question about array/Array, as the picture illustrated, if applying a function to the entries of an array or Array, for example, map, then the results which maple yields lack of commas, as we can see, each entry in array/Array is so close and if the entries are very complex, then a confusion will be easily caused.

Is there any way to conquer it?

These days I'm learning "maple introductory programming guide". About the command 'anames()',there is an example illustrated in the picture. I know anames(alluser) yields all the user-assigned names,including names containing a leading underscore ('_').

But I don't know why it yields the word "index/fill", can you tell me the meaning...

I download a maple document from 'Recent Questions',"to find the constants of a equation with data x and y are given", then I open it, and click 'run all' comand in the toolbar. It works very well.

But when I put cursor in one line, and pree 'enter' key, it ruturns a different form of the result, as the picture above shows.

I want to plot a piecewise function, F(x,y), so I look for piecewise command in help page, there are a lot of examples for one-variable piecewise functions, but lack of examples for two-variable piecewise functions. I don't know how to input a two-variable piecewise function and how to plot it, can you help me? Thank you very much.


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