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This is an animation which I learn a maplesoft blog written by Mr. Robert Lopez. As the animation illustrated, the red segment is the normal to the green curve(y=x^2). One endpoint (assuming point1) of the segment is the intersection of the normal and the blue curve(y=x^2+1). But when running the animation, it seems that the red segment becomes unexpected when -0.5<a<0.5.



There is a problem which I feeling very puzzling, it is not the codes, but about when running the codes. It seems that if I running the codes immediately (or use "run all the worksheet" ), an error returned unexpectedly, but if I wait a few seconds before rerunning the code which just causes the error, a correct result returned. I feel very...


I have several figures generated by ZeroPolePlot command, I feel the figures are not the size which I expect, so I can make the figures a little bigger or smaller by dragging the edge of them. But for several figures, it is difficult to make them to be just the same size, namely, all the figures' height=200, weidth=200. In one thread, Mr. Robert...


As the picture illustrated, the ball moves too fast when it goes down. The ball proc is learned from help document. Is there any way to let it move slowly when it goes down? And substitute...


I make an simple animation as the figure illustrated, which the key codes were learned from Mr. Robert Israel a few days ago in one thread. Now I want to let the rectangle motionless when the circle rotating in the rectangle for a special use. Is there any way to achieve it? 

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