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These are questions asked by Wolfie7873

Is there a switch/case statement in Maple?  So that instead of:


if (a = a1) then


elif (a = a2) then


elif (a = a3) then


end if


Something like:


switch (a) {

case: a1 {b1}

case: a2 {b2}

case: a3 {b3}





I'm potentially going to have a long list of elif's and might need  more efficient way of doing it.

So, Maple is quite helpful in that it will automatically make certain simplifications for me.  But what if I don't want it to.  For example, if I enter 2*(2+x), how do I get it to not just simply return 4+2*x?


Consider this to by end goal:

evalb(2*(2+x) = 4+2*x) => false

Anyone know a slick way to change the arguments of a function to possibly different things depending on what they are?


Let's say I have objects a, b and c.  a and b are of type function and c is of type set.  F is another function object.


F(a,b,c) is defined.


What I want to do is construct F(g(a),g(b), h(c)).....



So I'd like to take two ranges of numbers and simlify their combination.  Example:  RealRange(2,5) union RealRange(3,6) should yield RealRange(2,6), but the union function doesn't accept RealRange data types as its argument.   Is there an available command that will produce the desired result?

Is there a way to generate a parametric curve that includes the orientation?  i.e. an arrow or series of arrows?

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