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These are questions asked by Wolfie7873


X := ["A"=2,"B"=3,"C"=5,"D"=6];



This works just fine, but if I try to execute




I get plotting error, non-numeric vertex definition.  These two functions are in the same help file, so why aren't they accepting the same syntax?

I know the 'factor' function won't do it. But is there any function available in Maple that will take for example 2*p^2 + 4 as an argument and return 2(p^2 + 2) as a result? i.e. I want to factor integer coefficients. Thanks, Eddie
I want to use command line maple to plot a function and capture its graph directly to a *.gif file without displaying it. How do I do it? I've gotten Matlab to do it, but can't seem to find the necessary syntax in Maple. Thanks, Eddie
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