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I am trying to write maple program for Gauss Siedel method. I needed two for loop. One for running the iterative method and the other for checking where (the number of iteration required) the results converge.

Please, I need help. 




I need to attach CPU time to my iterations/Computations, please how do I obtain that in Maple. I tried 

a:=time () 

Iterations code

cputime:=time() -a; 


But the issue is that once I rerun the code, It produces different cpu time, kindly help me out here. 


Thank you.

I am solving some system of linear equations using fsolve(), I will like to obtain my answers without the attached label, i.e. instead of saying {x=2, y = 3} I need my result to be {2,3} because I need reuse the result. Please, help. Thanks.

I performed an iteration of over 300 using for loop, how can I label each of the output? Please help... 

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