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These are questions asked by acer

I would like to investigate the JCHelpCallBack example using OpenMaple. The sample can be found under the directory,


I've set LD_LIBRARY_PATH. And I can compile and run the sample. That starts up what appears to be a commandline Maple session. And within that session I can issue the help query ?int OK. I can also issue INTERFACE_HELP(display,topic=int) and that too works, although it dispays as double-lined.

Does anyone know how to extend CodeGeneration[C], using AddFunction, so that the new function's signature matches a specific type of Matrix/Vector/Array?

By specific type I mean a match for a specific combination of indexing function, hardware datatype, order, and storage.

I haven't even had success using the 'anything' type in the signature, for (C) array arguments, for examples with the new function used within a proc and not just as an inlined example.

First the new function's "definition",

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