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These are questions asked by acer

On the main page for the Rubi rule-based integrator, there is a table comparing results of Rubi against Maple and Mathematica.

On the face of it, the Maple results don't look so good. Maple is claimed as scoring about 82% correct on the author's example test suite. But only 42% of the suite gets an "optimal" result from Maple. The other 40% that Maple is claimed to get correct have results that are described as "Messy:

On the usenet newsgroup sci.math.symbolic Prof. Richard Fateman posted a question (or here) recently about what mechanisms a math application could use to handle the situation of negligible imaginary parts of computed data when plotting.

An example could...

Here's my first attempt at posting some 2DMath on this site.

First, I will paste directly from 2D output in a running Standard GUI Maple session.

BesselJ(0, x)+GAMMA(Psi)-sqrt(abs(omega))

Am I missing some justification for this last one?

> zip(`/`,Array([3]),Array([9]));
> zip(`/`,Array([3],datatype=integer[4]),Array([9]));
> zip(`/`,Array([3]),Array([9],datatype=integer[4]));
> zip(`/`,Array([3],datatype=integer[4]),Array([9],datatype=integer[4]));

Is anyone aware of Maple code intended to do some of the floating-point stress tests like are done in Kahan's paranoia code? (See here.)

I realize that modern Maple claims to comply with IEEE 854, 754, etc. But I like to check some things for myself. Call me paranoid. ;)


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