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@Scot Gould The MapleNet backend which this site still uses to render uploaded worksheets dates from the Maple 18 timeframe.

@Lisa6 You get that message for with(FGb) because the directory containing the .lib and .ind files are not part of the value of libname.


@Lisa6 Why are you trying to call march on the .lib file?! There is no reason for you to do that. Don't try and Open that file using the Maple GUI.

I already gave you a URL link to the Help page on initialization files in my previous Reply. Did you read it?

Someone just posted a separate Question about initialization files on Linux, to which I posted an Answer. Try reading that.

If you don't know how to create and edit and save a plain text file in your own Linux operating system then I suspect that you are far out of your depth.

@Lisa6 The instructions on that site are reasonably clear.

It instructs you to adjust libname, so that it includes the location of the .lib/.ind files (and it describes doing that in a Maple initialization file, which would make it default for future Maple sessions).

If you don't understand what libname or initialization files are then you could read about them on their help pages. Maple's Help pages are also accessible directly from within Maple.

@tomleslie So what? The expanded form is not the same expression.

It follows that expanding/factoring/combining should be done beforehand by the user, according to intention.

@mapleuser9 Where is your uploaded worksheet, as an attachment here, whic Rouben mentioned?

Please answer my query about the value of libname.

@Lisa6 Why do you have those < and > symbols in the `mv` ?

Surely you're supposed to use the actual locations. You have mixed that up with pseudocode in a generic instruction.

@Carl Love I don't understand what you mean, sorry. The list L was only used to generate CL, and the substitutions depend on CL rather than L, so I don't see why the order of L should matter.

You might also let us know what the value of libname is, in case you didn't actually make a typo.

If libname looks wrong then it might help to know how you launched Maple.

@johnksellers As mentioned in the Question body, the problematic situation occurs when 1D plaintext is pasted into a 2D Input area. In contrast, when I type theta__xy into a 2D Input area then it automagically typesets.

So, where are these involved 1D plaintext expressions coming from, that you are pasting into 2D Input areas? (I'm trying to figure out whether it makes sense to consider any kind of batch process, but that doesn't make sense for all scenarios.)

By the way, the Escape mechanism in 2D Input mode activates 2D command-completion. It's a combination of Java GUI and Library-side mechanisms, so I don't think that you'd be able to locate and adjust it.

But command-completion is very useful in other 2D input situations, and I thought I might mention that here. Suppose one wants to enter a typeset 2D definite integral. In 2D Input mode simply type in the letters Int (or int) and then press the Escape key. The command-completion popup should appear, containing several alternatives including templates for both definite and indefinite integrals, etc. I find it similarly useful for entering units (I type Unit and then Escape, and then get a generic unit braced-input template). And so on.

@manju If you have followup queries about making that package work then put it here, not as a separate Question.

I have deleted a duplicate of this topic, in which you address the same idea but with multithreading.

Don't post duplicates of question threads. (This was mentioned to you earlier.)

What do you mean by "export"?

Are you exporting with a command, or copy&pasting, or simply saving output, or what? Please be explicit.

@nm You apply your objections inconsistently. Now you've stated that you will accept having big_car be wholly separate from car_class, which of course makes its exports accessible throughout. But before you objected just to big_car's exports being accessible by explicit fully qualified reference from car_class objects. Having big_car be a separate module now makes its exports more accessible than what you objected to earlier.

And if I give you a variant that attains the originally described conditions (of being local to car_class objects as well as its exports not being directly accessibly from without) then you complain on the grounds that it's too much editing. This given request that a particular shorter form ought to work because otherwise there'd be too much to rewrite does not make sense to me.

[edited] I pointed out that you could also change the big_car_name to be declared static(string) in the code in my Answer, if that's what you wanted (it wasn't clear to me from the original description).

I notice that you also didn't address my query about what you meant by putting the big_car module source in its own .mpl file (ie. whether that just meant to $include it, or what). And you didn't address my query about the apparently typo'd or unclear example.

@Carl Love It seems to me that the OP wants some multiply-composed Nabla call to do nothing and display inertly until such time as he applies value.

It looks to me as if he wishes to have some (early) part of a derivation look concise, while executed with Physics[Vectors] loaded.

I don't see how your suggestion to merely utilize %f alongside active Nabla would attain such effects. As far as I can tell so far, your answer does not address the actual request.

Perhaps I too am misunderstanding your suggestion.

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