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I re-installed Maple 16 and also updated it to 16.01. After that the plot command works normally. It does seem to take a couple of seconds to plot (even simple functions), but I do not get the error message anymore.

Thank you everybody for the help.


No I have not updated to 16.01 (I will try that next). Also the problem is not particular to a worksheet. The simple plot command given above, such as:


plot(cos((1/2)*x)+sin(2*x), x = 0 .. 4*Pi);

will reproduce the problem.

How can I get to the initialization file?

I have tried the option smartview = false and it did not work either. This issue is happening in my desktop, which is a somewhat old computer with an inboard video card. I am running Windows 7. Interestingly enough, both of these commands ("plot" and "plot" with "smartview = false") do work in my laptop (Win 7 too).

Could a re-install of Maple 16 help?

Thank you for your answers.

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