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These are questions asked by ajmjr2000

The solver seems to have a problem with some sets of boundary conditions. (See attached worksheet.)

Is there a way to get this numerical solution?


I would like to plot results that combine numerical solutions from odes with polynomials (from a collocation procedure). Here is the part of the worksheet:

What is the best way to plot the approximate solutions here? 


Hello. I tried to plot simple functions in MAPLE 16 and received this message:

Error, (in plot) unknown optional arguments [true]. I am not sure what the problem is and would appreciate any help. I have included an example below. Thanks.


> with(linalg); with(plots);
> plot(cos((1/2)*x)+sin(2*x), x = 0 .. 4*Pi);
Error, (in plot) unknown optional arguments [true]

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