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Thanks Patrick, I appreciate your comment =)

Hey everyone,

thank you for the tips and suggestions

Sorry I have not responded to any of your messages until now, I have been very busy with school since exams are coming up. I completed the assignment already and chose to do it by hand because firstly I do not know how to use maple besides enter an equation, and secondly I know that by doing it by hand I am also studying for my exam since everything will be written work for the test.

My teacher tried to help with the assignment by writing an example execution of the code on the board but it was very hard to follow. Since no one in the class has had any earlier knowledge of maple, all the writing on the board just seemed like jibberish. He simply wrote the steps and read off what he was writing. He didnt try to explain what the aim of each line of code was. As none of you even know what course this is for or have attended any of my lectures to know what my proffessor's teaching style is like, I dont think it's fair of you to judge my efforts. I have completed a computer science program last year and we did not learn the maple program, although I wish we had. It seems like a very useful program to use in Calculus.

Well thanks again to everyone who tried to help.


The thing is that my teacher assigned this question when he knows none of us have any experience with maple.I don't even know how to start the code! Thanks for the tip
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