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How do I answer this question using maple?


For the curve of intersection of the surfaces

5xzy + xyz + 10e -98 =0

tan(xyz-2) + ln(3x + y + z -7) =0

find at the point (2,1,1)

a) T (unit tangent vector)

b) dT/ds

c) k (curvature)

d) N ( unit normal vector)

e) B (binormal vector)

f) dT/ds

g) t (torsion)


How do I solve for the Lagrange multipliers of

f(x,y,z)= xyz +x^2 + y^3 +z^4

subject to the constraints:

g(x,y,z)= x^2 + y^2 + 2z^2=4

h(x,y,z) = 3yz + 2xz + xy =6


I've never used maple before so am completely lost and need to do this for an assignment=)



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