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I think this is a simple thing but I cannot find the solution. I have lots of complicated computations in Maple 2015 (with different functions of different packages), but I need the final result to be real numbers/functions. Is there a way to prevent maple following along with computations if it detects a potential complex number? For example, if in some internal step is taking sqrt(x) it should stop and tell something like: "you must assume x is positive".

Hello. I work with vector fields and 1-forms with the package DifferentialGeometry. I need to copy the output in a latex file, but when I use copy paste what I get is the internal representation of the 1-forms, for example, something like

_DG([[\"form\", M, 1], [[[1], x2/x4], [[2], -1]]])

But what I need is something like:

x2/x4 dx1-(`*`(dx2))

which is what I see at the screen. I have tried lot of commands but I don't get what I want.

Here is the basic code:




DGsetup([x1, x2, x3], M);

w:=evalDG(x2/x4 dx1-dx2)

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