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Say I have an equation like

equation:= (r,theta) -> J(0,5*r)*sin(r)*theta

(where J is BesselJ)

and I want to integrate 'equation' over 'r=0..5' or any other limit. 

With, "Int(trial2(r, theta), r = 0 .. 5)" or even by using "int" instead of "Int", I'm not able to solve the integral. Even by using 'evalf' I get the same result back. 

If I get rid of the 'theta' term from 'equation', of course the integration ends up as a real...

First problem:

I have the following loop within some longer code. If I execute the worksheet, the loop gets stuck in the "print(within*loop)" section and never stops. 

Second problem:

If I don't restart the sheet, Equation 3 doesn't do the 'subs' command properly. Also, if I put the "with(Package)" commands in the beginning, Equation3  also fails to do the subs properly. 



After fixing the problem outlined in a previous post, I seem to get another error that I can't explain. 


"Error, (in int) wrong number (or type) of arguments" is the product of defining a function 'u(r,theta,t)' and then defining each of its components. 


I've attached the file here as well. Could someone help with troubleshooting? MapleMem5.mw


I have an equation on paper that I am trying to rewrite in Maple for plotting purposes. 

Because the equation is large, I split it up in different parts, "frontcoeff", "cosCterm", etc. Ultimately I want an equation "u" which is a function of (r,theta,t) and is composed of a summation over "k" and "m". 

Image 1: http://postimage.org/image/1etwulgpw/

I then get the following error:

Image 2: http://postimage.org/image/1evagpvj8/

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