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if i have ten "hz", each displayed with hz[i] was calculated before, then want to make a continues expression and plot it, i use this form and it answered me correcctly. piecewise(x <><><><><><><><><>

why dont any of maples 11, 12, or 13 work properly in windows seven? for example: when i click on "open a file" or "save" botton, and then it opens a window, the respective window dont show "up one level" or "create new folder" and "details" bottons above it.

how is possible to join dots in a scatter plot after plotting, and make a line from a dotted plot?
who know how can i solve or plot a two unknowns equation in MATLAB like implicitplot in maple?
hi. anyone know how can i merge a lot of function in a piece wise comment? and plot merged one. for example in x axis for each 1 cm of length, we have one function till 10 cm and i want to plot all of these functions in one combined diagram.
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