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These are questions asked by asfn

how can i calculate all roots(or some roots in a given interval, or the J th root) of a (real or complex) trigonometric periodic equation?

how can i use "plot" command in a "for" loop as in each cycle, plotting an equation without printing other assignments?

how can i color a plane (for example:  z=0.75, or y= 2.5e12, ...) in a 3D plot?

i want to distinguish a plane from other sections of a 3Dplot.


my maple 11 recently isn't working, i mean with double click not only is not working,

but also after i removed it, setup also is not working.

whats the problem? is it of virus?

how can we ask maple to assign output of a "solve" command to it's unknown parameter that system solves it, not just displaying it,

and then sorts the answer in terms of one of the indice parameters.

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