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I'm learning Maple with the provided user manual, and it clearly says to use ctrl+= to display inline results. It simply doesn't work on  my system. Running Maple 2017.3. Is this a bug?


Maple function code:

GetAngle := proc(opp, hyp)
local theta;
theta = arcsin(opp/hyp);
end proc:
                       57.29577950 theta

Matlab code:

function [outputArg1,outputArg2] = GetAngle(opp,hyp)
    theta = asin(opp/hyp);
    outputArg1 = 180/pi*theta;

> GetAngle(4,5)

ans =


Ditto same code from Maple programming guide 2017:


Why is there a difference in the answer, am I coding it wrong? I mean any syntax errors that I am not following?

How does one delete an empty cell. I can't see to do that easily, please see the attached for what I am trying to explain.

eq1 := 3*x^2+x+2


if 6*x+1 = diff(eq1(x), x) then print(yes) else print(no) end if






How do you indent your code neatly ? There should be a feature for automatic indentation, the code structure closesly follows python coding style and having it organized would be very helpful.


Any advise is appreciated.

1. Where do we report potential bugs


2. My finding:

The image uploading on this forum is not letting me and I find it to be less user friendly. Please view the sequence of images in the given link above.

This is not a problem, just my finiding.


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