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I would like to have my calculus results in its simplified form; below are some of the scenarios that can explain this.



As you can see the results are much simplified and in reduced form compared to what Maple gives. This has been tested for all integrals with roots and integrals with trigonometry functions. Is there any workaround in Maple that I would use to get it like the textbook result.



Why doesn't Maple provide enough white space when user reaches end of document ? As you can see below, I have reached almost to the end of the page. I believe the default process would be to bring the cursor to eye-level (middle of the screen). Now in this case, I have to hit RETURN enough times to bring the cursor to my eye level.


Anyone else find this as an issue ?



How do you delete a row you added in a piecewise function. I was using 2D math input for the piecewise function and I decided not to have the third row at all. Deleting the content of the last row left a space but never removed the entire empty line. Executing it resulted in an error.

The manual only says how to add a row using CTRL + SHIFT + R, but not how to delete a row.

Any advise?

I am not able to understand why Maple fails to compute and display the integrals for Eqn (1) and Eqn (8). I have a integral table to cross-verify the integrals for each of these in here


Also, another integral I am trying to calculate in MWE2 (attached file) in which the integral computed doesn't make any sense.


int(sqrt(x^3.(ax+b)), x)

int((x^3.(ax+b))^(1/2), x)





int(7*x^3+3*x^2+5*x, x)



int(1, x)



int(1/(x^2+1), x)



int(1/(ax^2+bx+c), x)



int(x^n, x)



int(sqrt(x(ax+b)), x)

int(x(ax+b)^(1/2), x)





  1. I have a set of equations described on different lines and I want them to be executed together and their answers to be displayed in seperate lines after that. How do I do that?
  2. This is particulalry important because, at times I will have to document multiple equations sequentially and later on have their answers reffere to. This way its more structured and I can group equations falling into certain category.

Please find the attached Minimum working example. Any advise is appreciated. File link: []





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