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Hi All,

I have a question that I see has been seldom discussed except certain posts by Mr. Lopez. This concerns the estimation of optimum parameters of the solution of a system of differential equations to fit experimental data. I referred to the Maple document provided by Mr. Lopez on the Maplesoft website.



How to output the solution given by pdsolve as a *.csv or a tab delimited text file?

Maple has got to really work on its help documentation.

Thank you,



I wish to declare the diffusion coefficient in the Fick's diffusion law as constant and solve numerically.How do I declare constants for a pd to use in pdsolve?I also have some constants in my boundary conditions.

diff(f(x, t), t) =D*(diff(f(x, t), x, x))

is the PD and,


this is the first time I am using the command line for Maple.I have a few questions,

1. How do I change my current directory?

I tried with currentdir() but with no success.If my dir is E:\Work ,how do I change it?

2. How to execute a *.mpl?

I tried cmaple.exe <*.mpl> but again no success.


I am using Maple13 by the way.


Any help is golden.


Best regards


I have solved a system of partial diff. equations with ind. variables (x,t) with two dependent variables.After solving I get something like this,

> solu := pdsolve({eq1, eq2}, ibc, numeric, time = t, range = 0 .. .5, spacestep = 1/2560, timestep = 1/180);
    module () local INFO; export plot, plot3d, animate, value, settings; option

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