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I would like to extract function with respect to the variables wich they are functions of in expressions of the form of e: e:= f(x)*g(y)*h(z); Thanks in advance
Is it possible to make Maple give coefficient directly and without using subs of a functio when partial derivatives appears in the expression? I:= s^2*a(s,y,z)+s*U(s)*diff(a(s,y,z),s)+s^2*g(s)*diff(a(s,y,z),y); I want to exract coeff of a(s,y,z)!!! I know that I can use subs to cancel terms with partial derivatives and then use coeff, but you can imagine how much painful it could be when you have about twenty expression from wich you have to exract other coeff Thanks in advance.
I'm working with Maple v10.03 I have a problem with the 'indices' function when I define a table and ask maple to give indices tab:=table([1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10]); indices(test); I get in output non-arranged indices [1],[2],[3],[5],[4],[7],[6],[10],[8],[9] it's confusing, is there a way to make maple give them arranged automaticly?
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