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thank you acer

thank you acer

Yes, that's what I'm asking for with a little modification > select( depends,{op(fc[2,4,4][8])},{s}); Now I get what I want, Thanks
It seems that it doesn't work when there are partial derivatives in one of function I entred > e:=exp(-2*y)*(s^3*(diff(U(s), s))^2+2*s^2*(diff(U(s), s))^2+s*(diff(U(s), s))^2+U(s)^2); indets(e,'function'); Maple returns {U(s), diff(U(s), s), exp(-2*y)} It's supposed to return {(s^3*(diff(U(s), s))^2+2*s^2*(diff(U(s), s))^2+s*(diff(U(s), s))^2+U(s)^2),exp(-2*y)}
Thank you very much
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