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How can I tell Maple to compute the product of tow symbolic matrices

A:=Matrix(2, [[a,b],[c,d]]);
B:=Matrix(2, [[e,f],[g,h]]);


to have C:=([ae+bg, af+bh],[...])

I have a system of equations where unkowns are functions of variables > eqns:= {a(s,y,z,t)+2*b(s,y,z,t)=0,3*a(s,y,z,t)-5*b(s,y,z,t)=0}; I would like to get the matrix associated to the system. I tested genmatrix but maple returns `equations are not linear ` Anyone have an idea of how to do this?
Hello, I have expressions of the form e[i,j,k]:= s*U(s)*a(s,y,z,t)+ s*(s+1)^2*b(s,y,z,t)+ ... where `e` is a symmetric array, i=1..4, j=1..4, k=1..4 and function a(s,y,z,t),b(s,y,z,t),c(s,y,z,t),f(y,z,t),g(s,y,z,t),... and their partial derivatives are appearing in these expressions I exracted different coeff, named them, and then I wanted to rewrite each e[i,j,k] while substituting coeffs with implicit function, so I've used `applyrule` in a procedure but not all coeffs are substituted. Can anyone help please. Here is my worksheet View on MapleNet or Download
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