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Hello everyone, I asked yesterday a question in the newbies section. I have found a partial answer which I detail further down but still have some questions and errors. I hope someone can give me a hand. Thanks. The question is more or less the following: Given the parameter k. One declares a nested list like the following: L[n[1],n[2],...n[k],m[1],m[2],.... m[k] ], where all 'n' and 'm' indexes run in the interval: n[i] =0,1,.. ,d-1 m[i] =0,1,.. ,d-1 QUESTION: How can we translate this list into a square matrix of dimension d^k that has the indexes:
Hello everyone, I am trying to create a procedure to translate a matrix into a nested list. (in Maple 10) I actually want to transform the matrix A[i,j] whose indexes are in the interval i,j=1,2,... d^k in a list: L[n1,n2,...,n2k] whose indexes are in the intarval n1,n2,...n2k = 0,1,2...,d. For instance, a transformation of indexes could be: for i from 0 to d do for j from 0 to d do for k from 0 to d do for l from 0 to d do L[i, j, k, l] := DM*([1+(sum(d^(i-1)*n[i], i = 1 .. k)), 1+(sum(d^(i-1-k)*n[i], i = k .. 2*k))]) od: od: od: od: But I would actually like to indtroduce k and d as parameters of the procedure. My problem is then how to say:
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