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First of all I would like to thank Joe Riel and congratulate him for the great maplev mode for emacs.
If any of you use it I would appreciate a little help with running "mint" from emacs.

Here's what the maplev specific part of my .emacs looks like,

Hi, Sorry if a question like this has already been answered, but I didn't find any similar ones. I have a matrix that may look like this: M:=Matrix([[1,[0,0,0],[0,0,0]],[lambda,[0,0,0],[1,1,0]],[lambda,[1,1,0],[0,0,0]],[lambda^2 ,[1,1,0],[1,1,0]]]); only much larger... maybe with RowDimension 200000. Is it possible to use LinearAlgebra:-Map involving some conditioning on different rows. Say "Map the first element of each row to zero if the second and third elements are equal". I can do operation in different columns like: Map[(i,j)->evalb(j=3)](x->2*x,M)
Hello, I have written a long Module with around 30 procedures (in Linux RedHat, Maple 10.03) it becomes cumbersome to write and edit it, especially everytime I modifie something, because the Java environment takes a long time to display when the execution group is so big. Is there a way to break a module into smaller pieces? Maybe call sub-modules written elsewhere? Thannk you for your help, Al.
Hi Everyone, I am trying to make a special substitution which neither subs nor algsubs seem to be able to make. I have long polynomials (maybe with 3000 terms), but for the sake of clarity here is an example with a short one: Poly:=a[1]^3+a[1]*a[3]^2+a[2]+a[1]*a[2]; Now I would like to substitute a[1] by a[1]^2, but only in the terms that have a[1] (to the power of one). (It is important that the a[1]^3 in the original Poly is not changed to a[1]^6 ). So after substitution the polynomial should become: Poly:=a[1]^3+a[1]^2*a[3]^2+a[2]+a[1]^2*a[2];
Hi, I use maple 10 under linux (red hat). In a file I have created a module that has a structure like: Mymodule := module() description \"procedures for Quantum Mechanics\"; export DP, deltaK; option package DP:= proc(...) etc,etc end proc; deltaK:=proc(..), etc, etc end proc; end module; When I execute the group and then type: with(Mymodule); the procedures appear. I would like a library containing this module to be automatically loaded upon startup so I can call it with with(Mymodule); whenever I start a new worksheet.
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