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@tomleslie because I'm Australian... but I know it involves projectile motion. Thanks for fixing my worksheet, I had the Cartesian coords for Larry etc incorrect, .....

see also


@Doug Meade but I get errors when I run your code in M2015.

"error: reserved word 'uses ' unexpected". and when i use with(ListTools), I get "error, unexpected local"

@vv and add8(275,572)=1067

@Carl Love it seems my error it has spread like contagion to vv and Axel!

Tom and @acer Wow.


@tomleslie pls enlighten me

numtheory[order](10, p), the command I was looking for...

I day after posting I found a similar question on the forum and you answered the same way, with MathML:-Export.

Indeed it does export, and in Mma the command is ImportString[mml,"Expression"], where mml is the MathML string From Maple.

Then you can import the expression back into Maple with MmaTranslator. Rgds!

@tomleslie  "Run as Administrator" and then HelpTools:-Database:-ConvertAll() did the trick. No error. Good job!

@Carl Love Yes. No pair can appear as part of one of the groups of three more than once. have you got mathematica? there is code for a Kirkman Triple here

tried to translate it into maple, but in truth i can't make head nor tail of it....

@Kitonum thanks. i tried to modify your code for the 3 player 4 group one but i obviously have a bug in it

@Markiyan Hirnyk I think @Carl Love used GlobalSearch for reason. For instance, changing the population of A from 5 to 8:  DirectSearch:-GlobalSearch gives three (x,y) solutions whereas DirectSearch:-Search only gives one.

@Carl Love thanks for solution. and Markiyan Hirnyk

Do you know a formula to extract the x component from an expression,

e.g. some_maple_formula(Obj,x)=5*abs(x-3)+2*abs(x-6)+2*abs(x-5)+abs(x-1)+3*abs(x-7)  ?

Rouben Rostamian I knew about Euclidean distance formula but not the one which permits horizontal and vertical movement. I won't post homework problems because my student days are well behind me.

@Rouben Rostamian    Thx. But where did V^2 = v^2 + v^2*t^2*b'(t)^2 spring from? It looks a lot like motion equation  v^2 = u^2 + 2.a.s.  Also would you mind posting the code for the animation Pls

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