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@Carl Love thanks for the procedure.

 It seems vv's simplex solution using the abs to linear trick was staring me in the face.

@Carl Love

I modified the objective using this methodology:

I'd like to make a procedure out of it, but i'm not a strong coder. Challenge anyone?

@Carl Love I was wondering when some Erudite Rchard would pull me up on that. I *assumed* when the OP mentioned "location" the problem might have involved cartesian co-ords (see attached) and therefore the Euclidean Metric (non linear) or even the Taxi Cab Metric might be appropriate. That was before he posted his worksheet. There is a saying: "Assumption is the mother of all ..........s"

Also, your Matrix solution doesn't completely work with my M2015, because it doesn't have DataFrame or DataSeries...

@Kitonum thanks Yurii. You should get a job at Maplesoft.


 constraint seq(add(Y[i,j],i=1..m)=1,j=1..n) should be seq(add(Y[i,j],j=1..n)=1,i=1..m)

@Markiyan Hirnyk Politeness? Does the idiom "pot calling the kettle black" translate in Ukrainian language?

@Carl Love thank

@Markiyan Hirnyk Now go away.

@Carl Love Sorry to bug you further, but how can the pROgGRAm be modified to output the (overall) change in mean. Eg player A1= 0, B2=-59 [round(756.6-816)],  B1=+5, A2=+2 (including the sign). Use of exports? Thankyou

@vv I have to iterate over the expression RC(...).

I'll try to explain.

A1 has been assigned an initial value of {1007,47} in "ord".

then A1 is turned into A1' via RC function {1004,45}.

this value of A1' is reused later on to become A1".

When I try to extract A1 from "ord" (using a do loop) for the lhs, i require it to be an unassigned "A1".


@Kitonum and @Markiyan Hirnyk . The OP is using Maple 15. This version doesn't have Repeating Decimal command.

It does what I want, thankyou for your effort.  I don't fully understand your code, I would have to pick apart each line i suppose. For use at my next tea party no doubt!

@Carl Love what if the objective was within 10%, using the tolerance package purhaps?

@Kitonum vote up


thx. I am trying to lookup the ans from set A, and output the correct answer [L/2],[S/2,M/2], but my code outputs

See output 11.

what have i done wrong?

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