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@Carl Love thanks, I'll examine it tomorrow. It's bedtime in the antipodes.

@Carl Love Thankyou, it works perfectly. How do you do it?!

This is to reflect that changing the order of the nodes changes the distance traversed. from my previous post:


inspired by:

where I was unable to write the ILP constraints properly. Hence my need for the sledgehammer exhaustive approach above. With the new distance matrix:

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@Carl Love thanks for your effort.

Sorry to bug you further. How do I return the row numbers of the matrix <LimitDist(56)[]>;

[[1, 4], [1, 5], [1, 2, 3]] = inds 4


@tomleslieJust what I wanted! I salute you Sir and Carl Love too.

BTW this problem is inspired by an earlier unanswered question,

where I was unable to write the ILP constraints properly. Hence my need for the sledgehammer approach above.

@rlopez the OP asked specifically about output of Std. Error w.r.t. NonlinearFit.

 "the summarize option is not available when the model expression is not linear in the parameters"



The summarize option returns a summary for the regression:


@SamuelPita well where is the text or .mw file? Solving 5 equations for 5 unknowns should work...

Try substituting sin for "sen".

I saw this problem a while back on but I couldn't understand their explanation.

I like your explantion better.



using the big green arrow. no-one here is masochistic enough to transribe code from a picture.

@vv how did you derive the expressions for R and d?

@Kitonum . Code with annotations too, bonus!

@tomleslie thanks. And vv.

You're out of luck. k=x+e*sin(k) doesn't have a closed form solution in terms of k. If you supply values for e and x, you can find k numerically using fsolve.

@Kitonum and Tom

@mehdibaghaee do you expect someone to copy source code pasted as image? upload a worksheet!

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