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@Kitonum for your efforts with my problem.

I did have a look at your SetPartition  and  Partition procedures before posting. 

Happy New Year!

@Kitonum Genius.

@Axel Vogt Zipping the file and its associated images does the trick. Happy Festive Season!

@acer thankyou, that works!

May I bother you with a supplementary Q?

What I want is code (seq or loop) which automatically assigns

  Tab[A1] := Record(numwins=0,numlost=0,wins=table([]),losses=table([])):
where A1..B2 are hyperlinked as above.

I know my questions are considered by some to be trivial or even foolish, but I do appreciate your help and patience.

Happy Holidays!

@acer I repeated the process, this time adding the image files to my email. same problem.

I exported another sheet,  just normal worksheet with &+- input (sans table), and sent it to myself. Got the same problem....

garbled output.

@tomleslie thankyou Sir. Yes, I forgot to change V back to q[n]....

but how might the constraints be printed one line -one constraint as in the pdf:





This doesn't solve the problem, but it might assist error tracking.

I changed instances of x[cat(i,",",j)] to index(x,i,j) and z[cat(k,",",i)] to  index(z,k,i).

"In the above formulation qk = 1 if bin k is chosen. This means that a bin is started with item k in the left bottom position. yi = 1 if item i initializes level i. xij = 1 if item j goes to the level initialized by item i. zki = 1 if item i initializes a level in bin k. "

 I suppose the statement in the paper would be difficult to program.

From pp4:" z13 = z27 = z2,10 = 1 means that item 3 initializes level 2 in bin 1 while items 7 and 10 initialize two levels in the second bin which is initialized by item 3. "

About as clear as mud.


@acer  As you have alluded, this relates to the project you've been helping me with. I'm trying to hyperlink instances of players names programmatically in the final output table. 4 players =4 different urls. Its proving difficult. Everytime I run it, I get errors...... 

@Adam Ledger upload the mma and mw worksheets. Or PM me with those attachments.

@acer Thanks Mr Saccharum

This is a 3 row table:


T := Table(interior = none, exterior = all, Row("Minesoda SL"), Row("7/11/2017"),Row("Summary Report")):InsertContent(Worksheet(T)):

If I wanted to hyperlink the date. I tried this but I didn't print the date at all, let alone hyperlink it. Is this what you mean by "You cannot get a hyperlink in regular printed output"?

T := Table(interior = none, exterior = all, Row("Minesoda SL"), Row(InsertContent(Worksheet(Group(Input(Textfield(
                                                    'linktarget'=""))))))),Row("Summary Report"))

@acer thanks for your interest.

the output is Tab[A1]=Record(......), but what I want is Tab[A1] :=Record(....)

a programmatic approach might work... But i'm trying to keep it in functional style in view of the recent work you did for me. 

@acer upload your reworked worksheet

@Kitonum Do you have a program to convert screendumps or pictures of math input into maple 1D input?

I hope you don't retype everything from a picture ???

In future the OP should use the big green arrow to upload his worksheet.

@Carl Love 

I wonder if i could impose further:


At the very end there is

#Calculate change in means:

How do I sort this in descending values of mu?

B1: 1168 +- 74, change +5

A1: 1007 +- 42, change +0


2/ interum changes:

infolevel[RC]:= 1: #reports

RC: B1 Winner = 1166 +- 78; Change=3; Loser = 1004 +- 45; Change=-3
RC: B1 Winner = 1007 +- 42; Change=3; Loser = 816 +- 44; Change=0

Is it possible to output the winner and loser at each stage like this:
RC: Winner [B1]  = 1166 +- 78; Change=3; Loser [A1] = 1004 +- 45; Change=-3
RC: Winner [A1] = 1007 +- 42; Change=3; Loser [B2] = 816 +- 44; Change=0


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