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@Carl Love I could do ST[2] and get the result I wanted. I did give an upvote if it's any consolation.

@tomleslie I like this one liner, but can the input be stripped off its apostrophes?
2 instead of



@mmcdara Thanks.

edited: using numeral 2 rather than name ‘2’ using Carl Loves Table:

rhs(ST[ListTools:-Search(2, lhs~(ST))]):-mu; #doesnt work.

@Carl Love My actual function is a product of two Gaussians. Thus no closed-form solution afaik. For the sake of brevity, I supplied the above expression. To avoid this palava, it's a pity sum doesn't have an inbuilt step parameter like seq. Anyways the good news is, by cutting down the number of terms by 10, my calculation time has gone down by a factor of 20.  Thanks for your efforts.

@tomleslieChanging to this convention worked! inadvertent bug discovery...

@mmcdara To answer your question, separation of U and V are necessary because X__2 and X__4 are variables of integration.  Your method works in isolation. But in my actual Record Procedure, I need the expression for u to be as a function of x only (the numerical integration I perform later protests if I have X__2 and X__4 in the expression ).


nok := iquo(ulim-llim+1, step);

U:=unapply(sum(u(step*i, X__2),i=1..nok),X__2);


doesnt quite work, but there may be a workaround...


@vv I like the simplicity of your procedure, but thanks one and all

@Carl Love just what I wanted, Thankyou


cheers for part a)

For part b) assuming (gamma = beta) using this method does not seem to produce a solution in closed form (without integrals).

Odd for an assignment question.


and Tom. Thanks for your interest.

Right now (after 60 days since the first infection) there are 3050 confirmed cases, 170 Recovered and 13 Dead (Aust).

Can I get a gamma estimation (or recovery rate) for this?

@auliani3 I was struggling to remember what this was about. But Carl will sort you out.

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(Carl has a nice solution to this one)


@vv   but I ran it again and got 3804...?

@acer a bit cryptic.I doubt i'm the only one. Developers who recently worked on a project of mine made comment that one of their technical constraints was "poor availability of Maple technical details. This is not a package we use normally, so we had to get up to speed. While there was information online, it was difficult to implement. It comes capable of utilizing databases, but we found it difficult to find a broad spectrum of knowlege for it. We spent a significant amount of time resolving Maple issues. These issues were related to the execution of maple asynchronously with the web server."


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