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These are questions asked by ccAndrew

It's a simple equation where I'm just getting maple to run through the steps.


solve(eq,P^2);   returns an unexpected error

I wanted to see if maple could solve for P^2, poking here and there seeing what does and doesn't work.  I know I could just type it in, but can Maple do this?  Maybe I'm missing something.

Is there an explanation on how each of the different paragraph styles work?

I was experimenting the other day and some selected paragraph styles don't allow you to type any text at all.  Couldn't find anything in the help pages, or I might have just been looking in the wrong area.

In particular because the TAB key doesn't work in Maple, is it possible to define a shortcut key for a few spaces? I found this quite annoying that I couldn't simply tab over a few spaces when programming. Is Maple going to fix it in the future? Why doesn't TAB work anyway, did they forget about it?

The time function doesn't seem to be working consistantly.

Following the example in the help page for the time() function I can't get as low as .041.  The best I get is .046 and sometimes .047 .062 and .063.  Are there services running in the background that can affect the run performance like a firewall for example?

Can anyone else get .041?  For comparison I'm using a P4 - 3 GHz. and 2.5 Gb RAM @ 533 MHz. with 48 processes running in the task manager.

I'm using an old maple worksheet (Maple V) and some of the commands are now not valid (well actually most probably aren't).

Specifically numbers(string) and Digitize.  Numbers()  has gone to something like length() but I'm not sure about Digitize. 

Would be nice if you could look these up in a command update page that lists all the commands that are valid for what versions and what they translate to in the newer versions.  Be much easier than trying to trudge through and track down the history changes.


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